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Nashville halter dress
20,00 € Before 49,90 € Tax included
Nashville denim short pants
20,00 € Before 44,90 € Tax included
Ghadames short pants
20,00 € Before 45,90 € Tax included
Bornholm bloomers/culotte
15,00 € Before 36,90 € Tax included
Cadaqués baby romper
20,00 € Before 55,90 € Tax included
Knit ruffle sweater
24,90 € Before 46,90 € Tax included
Shirt with a ruffle collar
15,00 € Before 39,90 € Tax included

Collection Natura

Limited edition

At MÅNE we focus our attention on designing comfortable, easy and long-lasting clothes for children. We use only natural materials such as cotton, wool, wood, and mother of pearl.

Many of our buttons come from limited stocks. We love to browse through forgotten shops and flea markets to impart new glamour to great old buttons. By sticking to comfortable, classic cuts and daring materials we give our clothes a touch that’s retro and avant-garde at the same time.... and that still allows your kids to climb and play on any playground!

We love our crafts, which are tailored by the designers to give each garment a unique feeling.

We offer bespoke tailoring on request! Contact us at:

Enjoy our collection by watching the making of the collection:

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Our Story

Our Story

Who is behind MÅNE?

Behind MÅNE it is me, Angela, a meticulous, demanding, restless, creative, adventurous and dreamy mother of three. A mix that I believe it reflects in each of the MÅNE collections.


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