Know us!

Behind MÅNE

Behind MÅNE it is me, Angela, a meticulous, demanding, restless, creative, adventurous and dreamy mother of three. A mix that I believe it reflects in each of the MÅNE collections.

MÅNE was born in 2016. During one of my maternity leaves, amidst cafes, raging hormones and diaper changes, I dared to take the leap. Why not embarking on the adventure of creating a children’s fashion brand? And here I am! It is never too late to chase your dreams.

Step by step, MÅNE has grown. We began with collections for babies (up to 24-36 months), and now we cover all sizes from newborns to 7-8 years; but always keeping the spirit we were born with, combining classic Spanish patterns with modern Nordic-style fabrics, giving priority to first-class natural materials (cotton, linen, wool, etc.), suitable for the skin of the most important little ones.

In short, I hope that you love and enjoy MÅNE collections as much as I love this work because, for me, baby and children’s clothes are more than just garments, they are excitement and a way to show love to your children.

Photo Patricia Semir